Welcome to JRFirth.IT an IT consultancy created in 2017 by Jamie Firth

In February 2017, after nearly 17 years working with Lloyds Banking Group and it’s predecessors Jamie Firth set up JRFirth.IT to take his knowledge and experience to a wider audience.

His expertise spans the all Service Management disciplines, in particular Test Management, Release Management, Test Environment Management, Quality Assurance, Test Architecture and Risk Management. During his time at Halifax, HBOS and Lloyds, Jamie was actively involved in the mergers of Halifax and Bank of Scotland and HBOS and Lloyds TSB as well as the divestment of TSB. Working with IBM at CLS Bank and Cooperative Bank, his experience also includes planning and testing of re-platforming and decommissioning projects and management and mitigation of operational risk.

More recently Jamie has been working with The Co-op on their Retail Business Transformation programme, rolling out SAP to their Retail network.


JRFirth.IT brings years of experience in some of the UK’s largest companies to help your organisation transform, optimise, or run its key functions, including:

* Test Strategy
* Test Management
* Test Environment Management
* Quality Assurance
* Defect Management
* Release Management
* Test Architecture
* Software Development Lifecycle
* Risk Management
* Change Management
* Software Configuration Management
* Team Management


Jamie is a highly adaptable, self-motivated manager with over 20 years Financial Services and Retail IT experience. He brings outstanding analytical skills to complex challenges, delivering quality solutions by applying excellent communication and customer service skills. Jamie also brings a track record of building high performing teams within Service Management.


If you would like to speak with me about potential future engagements, please give me a call on 07926 003948 or email me at JRFirth.IT@gmail.com